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    We take over HR roles as your trusted partner, saving costs of posting job vacancies on website boards- we’ve got you covered.

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    Our specialized team and advanced software adds pace to the process of recruitment, shortening the time needed in hiring.

  • Quality Screening

    Make recruitment easier with custom-fit and quality profiles that we shortlist and pick for your company.

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    We will represent you: put forth your name into surfacing opportunities and find a job role best fitted to your intricate needs.

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    Find consultative guidance. Discover not just the opportunities you seek but what stands best for your professional growth.

  • Opportunities

    We are always looking out for talented individuals. We make sure strong profiles are accommodated to the best job roles and organizations.

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About Our Agency

HR Partners: Reliable & Cost Efficient Recruitment Agency

Widely regarded as the pioneer of the modern staffing industry, Elements HR Services is a leading Talent Acquisition, Staffing and HR consulting Firm that understands the intricacies of human resource management. Upturn your business with a powered workforce - we do it reliably and cost-effectively!

“It’s the human capital of a company that drives the intellectual capital, ultimately creating business success.”

Amit Kapoor

Founder & Managing Director
Solutions We Provide

Inspiring HR Solutions

As a trusted Recruitment Partner to multiple Fortune 500 companies across the globe, we offer you a range of high quality and proven HR solutions for your talent needs.

Recruitment technologies

Solving Recruitment Using Technology

Building a digital future through innovation

01Intelligence Everywhere

We employ the power of technology and Artificial intelligence to HR solutions. Techno-support enables hiring better talents faster and in a more cost-effective manner.

02Expanding Technology Reach

A higher number of candidates can rightly be screened, scheduling and management is hassle-free. Unconscious biases are eliminated from the hiring process. Database management is strengthened with accuracy and clean organization.

03Digital Global Locale

Technology powers a more assessable functioning where talent from all corners can come together, join us at ease and extend our reach forward to integrate companies that sought a wider staffing search.

Our Service areas

Industries Hiring

  • Information Technology

  • Edutech

  • Banking & Finance

  • Consulting

  • Healthcare & Pharma

  • Embassy

  • Government Sector

  • Infrastructure

  • Logistics

  • Outsourcing & Offshoring

  • Retail

  • IT Enabled Services

  • Telecom

Information Technology


Banking & Finance


Healthcare & Pharma


Government Sector



Outsourcing & Offshoring


IT Enabled Services


How it’s Possible

Three Stages Of Successful Hiring

We identify your talent needs with a curated talent pool and eventually hire the most qualified candidates.



Talent mapping across geographies that defines the complete scope of the role; screening and evaluation of candidates.



Prevention of candidate dropouts with an engaging recruiting process, client engagement and retention of potential hires.



Successful completion of the hiring process as the candidate gets onboard; client and candidate satisfaction being our topmost priority


The Pillars Behind Your HR Solutions

Amit Kapoor

Managing Director

Neha Sahni

Senior Manager

Sakshi Nagpal

Account Manager

Kuldeep Tehlan

Facility and Procurement Head

Akshay Bhatia

Project Manager - Branding & Marketing

Jasmine Jagdev

Lead – Human Resources
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